She had endured so much to break out of the mould she once so desperately aspired to grow into, that now with nothing to replicate, she was on her own. She could be anything she wanted to be and as the sun began to set and her shadow stood beside her, it suddenly became evident that she had it within her all along.
Breaking free from the conformist lessons she mastered, she forged ahead, knowing that she had no regrets left behind. It had been a grueling journey but she was finally here and no one and nothing was left to stop her. Hope and optimism held close she tread ahead, head held high. She felt something inconceivable but it gave her a sense of serenity.
She was here and nothing could make her leave. And as she stood her ground, a glare hit her face and it suddenly struck her that her
journey was not over, it had only begun. She finally felt human and it was defined by her. As the horizon drew closer, she paced herself in anticipation of what was waiting for her.
She was on her way, no one or nothing to hinder her feat. She anticipated the genesis of her spree to be arduous but it was far beyond anything she expected. She surprised herself by the restraint she showed but she fervently tread on and with each stride, she only became stronger. As she took her first few steps, the hue of the skyline gently kissed her skin.
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